nternational Space Station Program

The ISS Partner Program trains students from all levels to create experiments that will run aboard the International Space Station. The program has been successfully launching experiments since 2010 and is open to any school that is looking to enhance their science, technology, math, and engineering programs.

cean Discovery Program

The Ocean Discovery program was launched out of the successful XPRIZE Ocean Discovery competition and comprise of a documentary created to show the inspiration of the students and the eventual launch of a full program for schools to participate.

resident's Business Challenge

The President’s Business Challenge promotes, supports, and fosters student entrepreneurship. With access to speaker series, workshops, and mentors, students form a company and work through the entrepreneurial process to create and pitch their own startups to local venture capitalists.

obotics Program

Robotics Program promotes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as teamwork and leadership in an exciting, hands-on, and practical environment. This is an excellent opportunity in which students can build vital foundational skills for advanced education and future careers.