The quest mission

"The Quest Institute for Quality Education mission affirms a personal Quest for ExcellenceTM for all students by advancing the legacy of America’s Founding Fathers and the self-evident truths described in the Declaration of Independence. These self-evident truths serve as common virtues fostering Light, Life, and Learning through Junior University and Lighthouse Initiatives involving Academic Achievement, Artistic Beauty, and Athletic Distinction. "

– Clifford E. Daugherty, EdD, President Quest Institute


The core of the Founding Father's message in the Declaration of Independence starts with "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness".


Students are able to learn when they are shown the light and inspired through innovative programs and opportunities.


Quest's innovative approach for learning involves the comprehensive delivery of Academic, Artistic, and Athletic programs.

Our Goals

The goal of the Quest Institute is to provide innovative programs that allows students to apply their learning and provide them with the light of inspiration which results in the changed life for every student.

Life. Light. Learning.

Our Leaders

The Quest Institute leaders are professionals, educators, administrators, and visionaries that are dedicated to furthering education through innovative programs in the Academics, Arts, and Athletics.

Cliff Daugherty
QUEST Board Chairman
QUEST Executive Team Member
President/Superintendent –
Valley Christian Schools

Rick Watson
QUEST Vice Chairman
GroupVice President
Veterinary Centers of America

Susan Bagley
QUEST Secretary
President and CEO
Celebration Center, Inc.

Robert Rubino
QUEST Board Member
Board Member –
Valley Christian Schools

Michael Sprauve
QUEST Board Member
Director and VP of Engineering
Destiny Networks

Vera Shantz
QUEST Board Member
Board Member –
Valley Christian Schools

Werner Vavken
QUEST Board Member

Ken Shilling
QUEST Executive Team Member
Chief Financial Officer
Valley Christian Schools

Danny Kim
Founder and CTO
FullArmor Corporation
VP of K-12 Applied Math, Science, and Engineering (AMSE) Institute
Valley Christian Schools

Quest Institute


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100 Skyway Drive
San Jose, CA 95111